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P.UT. Topolò

The Pinacoteca Universale di Topolò (P.U.T.) is an ancient, modern and contemporary art gallery located in the village of Topolò-Topolove, in the municipality of Grimacco (UD).

The P.U.T. it is open to the public in July, on the days of the Stazione di Topolò / Postaja Topolove festival, and all year by appointment. 

Born in 2010 as a participatory art project, the P.U.T. has collected hundreds of donations permanently displayed in the spaces of Casa Juliova at the entrance of the town.


Together with the foundation of the P.U.T., a digital archive has been created in which photographs and data of the works and their donors are collected, which can be consulted by reservation.The exhibition itinerary does not follow a chronological order and follows the model of the ancient seventeenth-century picture galleries.The collection includes precious reproductions by local and international artists and has earned the reputation of the only art gallery in the world with double Botticelli's Spring, triple Gioconde and several copies of Schiele's self-portraits, all absolutely original.

Here are my contributions to the gallery:


"Flagellazione di Cristo" Piero della Francesca


"Città ideale" Anonymous


"La Sacra Conversazione" Tiziano

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